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1NoF72Genealogy: O'Neill and Waterman Family
The U.S. Army Ordanance Museum
Medical Hall
The Hays House
2NoW73Harford County Government
Genealogy: Aaronson
St. Mary's Church, Emmorton
3NoSp73Cairnes Family
Tudor Hall, Fountain Green
Steppingstone Museum
4YesSu73   Postal History of Harford County, 1832-1971
Genealogy: Forsythe
The Original First Presbyterian Church of Bel Air (Odd Fellows Hall)
5YesF73Darlington Times.
Boyer Family
Monmouth Smoke House
Smithson-Webster Spring House
6YesW74 Harford County Mill Seats, 1731-1780
The Proctor House, Bel Air
Pusey Family,
7Yes Sp74Harford County Grain Mills, 1783
Grain Mills, Millers, and Millwrights, Harford Co., 1871
Nagle Family
An Early Dwelling Near Aberdeen
8YesSu74County Post Offices From 1832
Smith House on Spesutie Island
Crevensten Family
9YesF74 Membership Roster of Historical Society of Harford County 1974
St. Ignatius Church, Hickery
10YesW75 Harford County Certificates of Estray 1794-1841
McNabb Family
Aquilla Scott House
11NoSpSu1977 Bicentennial Issue
John Love: The Forgotten Patriot
Protestant Preachers
Bush Hotel
Bushtowne Store
12NoW77 A Twentieth Century Migration to Harford County
Slave Trading In 1776
St. Joan Of Arc Parish - Aberdeen
Cool Spring
Conowingo Bridge - 1820
Dry Stone Wall Craftmanship
13YesSp78 Harford County Courthouse
Clerks of Harford County
14NoF82 Old First National Bank, Havre de Grace,
Troubled Times (Civil War)
Abingdon in 1829
Character Recollections of Charles B. Coale
15NoW83Afro-American History Month
The Beginnings of Union United Methodist Church From 1849-1860
Freedman's Bureau School Houses
Biographical Sketch, Clayton Creswell Stansbury
Ira Aldridge - Shakespearean Actor, Black Contemporary to Edwin Booth
16YesSp83 Aberdeen - An Early Developer's Pet Project
Baker Family and Baker Houses of Aberdeen
An Old Business (Fletcher and Tarring Cabinet-Makers and Undertakers)
Funeral Establishments in Harford County 1983
17YesSu83Dating County Structures with Help From Tree-Rings
Harford's Wild Flowers
Birds of Winter
Flora and Fauna of Old Harford County
Rustic Architecture
Baker House Errata
Squirrel Fines
18YesF83The Sheraton Hunt Sideboard (Hays House)
The New Fountain (County Courthouse)
The Edwin Booth Memorial Fountain
Obstructions to Travel in Public Roads
Rumney House (Near Old Baltimore)
19NoW84Third Precinct - Fourth District, Location - Long Corner
  (History And Genealogy Of Norrisville And Shawsville Areas)
20YesSp84 Venerable Black Leaders, Temple Adas Shalom, Gross Family
21YesSu84The Tragic Wanderings of Baron Von Seckendorff
Shape Notes
22YesF84Vanishing Spring Houses
Old-Time Farming in Harford
23Yes W85 The Archives of The Historical Society of Harford County
Preserving Archival Material
24Yes Sp85The Rogers House, Havre de Grace
Some Early Havre de Grace Citizens
Origin of the Street Names of Havre de Grace
"Some Incidents of the Early History of Havre de Grace": Centennial Reflections
25Yes Su85 The Hays House: History (Thomas Archer Hays, Sr.), Owners, Architecture, Gardens
Moving the Hays House
26Yes F85 100th Anniversary Issue, of The Historical Society of Harford County
Founders of the Historical Society
Past Presidents of the Society, 1885 - 1985
Another Fallen Woman (Brasseya Johnson Allen)
27Yes W86 Early Settlements on Bush River, Shandy Hall, Perryman, Edgewood Arsenal in 1918
28Yes Sp86 Jerusalem Village, Lee Family, George Graham Curtiss
29No Su86(Forest Hill History:)
Land Grants
The Quakers
The Methodists
The Episcopalians
Places of Business
Tucker Co
Ma and Pa Railroad
Harford 65 Years Ago
30NoF86Navigation of Lower Susquehanna River,
American Legion Building, Havre de Grace,
31Yes W87 Bel Air Paper Mill
Burning of Rock Hall
Mail Robbery
Postal Service
Many Changes Have Come to Harford County
Land Ownership Problems
Early Fishing on The Susquehanna
Black Horse
32Yes Sp87 Dr. William Stump Forwood's "Homes on Deer Creek" - Installment 1
33No Su87 Old Newspaper Advertisements
Comparative Views of Bel Air
What Happened to Moore's Mill
Coale Family Of Deer Creek
34YesF87Tax Assessments and Population Distribution in Late 18th Century of Harford County
Colonel Aquila Hall: Harford County's Revolutionary War Patriot
Index To Bulletins 1-34
35No W88(Afro-American History:) Cornelia F.Ruff;
Cpl. Philip Webster, A Civil War Soldier
The History of Ames United Methodist Church
History of Magnolia School
Slavery In Harford County
36NoSp88 Case Study in Afro-American History: Corbin Bond Family
A Second Presbyterian Church in Bel Air
The Ma And Pa, A Vanishing Harford Heritage
37YesSu88The Medical Society of Harford County
Honest Democrats Aroused Against Corruption, 1893
George W. Hensel's Reminiscences of Darlington, Dublin, and the Conowingo Area, 1888
Ironing with the Clothes Wringer
Heres a Tip for an Auto Trip (The Garden at Kisling's Drug Store)
38Yes F88 Northern Chesapeake, Perspectives on Early Baltimore and Harford Counties,
   Churchville Presbyterian, George W. Archer
39NoW89 Slate Quarrying And The Welsh, York County, Pa. and Harford Co. Md.
   (Coulsontown, Rehoboth Welsh Church, Slate Roofs in Bel Air)
40YesSp89Life, Labor, and Land Next Door to Baltimore City: Harford County in 1798
Nottingham Quarterly Meeting and the History of Early Friends
41Yes Su89 Dr. William Stump Forwood's "Homes on Deer Creek" - Installment 2
42YesF89Canning Industry in Harford Co.
Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad Company (Time Table and Industries Served)
43YesW90 May 3, 1813, Cockburn vs O'Neill at Havre de Grace
   Britain's Sea Going Commando Burns the "Harbor of Mercy"
44Yes Sp90 Aspects of Abingdon's History
Roads in the Dublin and Darlington District
The Four Baltimores, Historical Sites on the Bush and Gunpowder Rivers,
Late 19th Century Roads
45YesSu90Dr. William Stump Forwood's "Homes On Deer Creek" - Installment 3
46YesF90Faithful Mammy and Family of J.A. Hunter
  (Hannah Washington and The Hunter Family)
Hannah Carter Hollingsworth's Diary, 1876-1882 1876-1882
Important Dates in Maryland History (Includes Harford Co.)
47NoW91 Methodism In Harford County
Methodist Church Architecture
Greenspring Church (and Graveyard)
48Yes Sp91 Pennsylvania Influence in Early Bel Air
Milling, Mining, Milking: The Evolution of Harford County
49No Su91 Aberdeen Proving Ground Until 1941
50YesF91Harford County Newspapers of the 19th Century
51YesW92Dr. William Stump Forwood's "Homes On Deer Creek" - Installment 4
52YesSp92Harford County's Role in the Development of the Bill of Rights
   (W. Paca, L. Martin, W. Pinckney, and J. Love)
Gabriel Christie: Harford's Jeffersonian Congressman
53YesSu92 Harford Furnace and Early Maryland Iron Industry
54YesF92The Incorporation of Aberdeen -1892
The First Bank in Aberdeen
The Role of Railroads in Aberdeen
Aberdeen's Railroad Stations
Lester Stanley German: Major League Baseball Player
Dell's Pharmacy and its Ancestry
The Cronin Family
55Yes W93 History of Postal Service in Harford County
56Yes Sp93 George Archer's( Harford County Architect) Life & Work
Articles from the Harford Historical Bulletin Arranged
   According to Historical Periods
57YesSu93Bouncing Along the Post Road: 18th Century
   Harford County as Seen by Travelers
58No F93 The Tidewater Canal
59NoW94 Larry Mac Phail: Harford County's Laird of Glenangus
   and the Shrewdest Executive in the History of Baseball
History of Havre de Grace Racetrack
60NoSp94 A Sage of The Civil War -William and Margaret Bissell
61Yes Su94 The Sesquicentenial of Photography and Will Hooker and His Siler Plates
The Hooker Collection: Inventory and Annotations
The Society's Photographic Collection
62Yes F94 17th Century Harford County, Natural History Of Harford County
63No W95 Highlights of Gunpowder Neck and Edgewood Arsenal to End of World War I
64Yes Sp95 Toward the Writing of a New County History
Harford County, Maryland: A Working Bibliography
65No Su95 The Home Front: Harford County During World War II - Part 1
66No F95 The Home Front: Harford County During World War II - Part 2
67YesW96 A One-Hundred Year History of Libraries from 1885
On the Road Again: The Bookmobile in Harford County
68No Sp96The Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad,
   Part I: Birth Of The "Ma & Pa" Railroad
69Yes Su96 The Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad,
  Part II: The "Ma & Pa" Railroad in Harford County
70YesF96 The Rural Arts of Harford County and the Steppingstone Museum
71NoW97 The House That Booth Built - A Revisit to Harford County's Tudor Hall
72YesSp97 Uncertain Loyalty: Harford County in April 1861
Burning Bridges: The Events Leading Up to the Military
   Occupation of Harford County in 1861
73YesSu97Anglican and Episcopal Churches of Harford County: A History
Architecture of Episcopal Churches of Harford County
74NoF97 The History of Horse Racing in Harford County,
Poole's Island Lighthouse: Reviving A Neglected History
75YesW98 Harford County's Mill Heritage
76YesSp98 Harford County in the War Of 1812
77Yes Su98 History of the Harford County Red Cross in Harford County
78Yes F98 Harford County Place Names - Past and Present,
   Their Location, Origin And Meaning - Vol. I: A-J
79No W99 Harford County Place Names,
   Past and Present, Their Location, Origin And Meaning - Vol. II: K-Z
Architecture of Episcopal Churches in Harford County
80No Sp99 Harford County's Mill Heritage - Vol. II
81No Su99 The Pursuit of Justice in Early Harford County
82 Yes F99 The Warners of Harford County: Engravers of Time
83Yes W00 Suppressing Rebellion in Harford County in 1861 - Part 1
84 Yes Sp00 Suppressing Rebellion in Harford County in 1861 - Part 2
85Yes Su00 An Assessment of the Application of Eminent Domain in the
   Establishment of Aberdeen Proving Ground
86 Yes F00 Above and Beyond: The Civil War Careers
   of Alfred B. Hilton and Charles E. Phelps
87Yes W01 Harford's Greatest Generation: World War II
  Remembrances of Harford Citizens
88 Yes Sp01 Collecting the Historical Writings of Dr. George W. Archer
89 Yes Su01 Welsh Settlers of Delta,PA/Cardiff, MD
90 Yes F01History of the Susquehanna Baseball League, 1946-1953 - Part I
91 Yes W02Wilna: "On the Road From Bel Air to Joppa"
92 Yes Sp02Six Susquehanna Bridge Crossings: Thirteen Bridges
93 Yes Su02The Little Stone House, Of Best Endeavor
94 Yes F02One and Two Room Schoolhouses of Northern Harford County, Part 1: District 5 - Dublin
95 Yes W/Sp03History of the Susquehanna Baseball League 1946-1953 -Part 2
96 Yes Su/F03One and Two Room Schoolhouses of Northern Harford County, Part 2: District 4 - Marshall
97 Yes W/Sp04Recollections of Early Havre de Grace: Excerpts by E.N. Woodhouse
98Yes Su/04Edwin Booth, Harford County's Prince of Players, Part 1
99 Yes F/04Edwin Booth, Harford County's Prince of Players, Part 2
100Yes W/Sp05Mary Eliza Watters Risteau, First Woman To The State Capital
101Yes Su/F05 The Colored Schools of Harford County: Separate an Equal?, Part 1
102Yes W/Sp06 The Colored Schools of Harford County: Separate an Equal?, Part 2
103Yes Su/06Tinsmithing in 19th Century Harford County
104Yes F/06Joseph and Ann Hall: Behind the Scenes at Tudor Hall
105Yes W/Sp07Decade of Delay: The Desegregation of Harford County Public Schools - Part I
106YesSu/F08Russell and Kate Lord - Harford's Artists of the Land
Forever the Land: The Legacy of Russell and Kate Lord
107Yes W/Su08Decade of Delay: The Desegregation of Harford County Public Schools - Part II
108YesSu09 An Anecdotal History of The Historical Society of Harford County
109YesSu10 Harford County and World War I, the Military Heritage
110YesF10 Harford County and World War I, the Military Heritage - Part II

* Key: W = winter, Sp = spring, F = fall, Su = summer

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