South stone side of Hays House sometime before 1960, with Second Building to the left
The Wooden Wing of Hays House (1788) is hidden.
Photographer and date are not known.

The Stone Wing of Hays House in 1960, with Second Building to the left
The Wooden Wing of Hays House is white area on upper left.

Photographed by Myrtle Sadlowski in 1960

West Side (back, field stone) of Second Building, with
The Wooden Wing of Hays House on left.
Photographer and exact date and not known.

South Side of Current Hays House.
Photographed in August 2002

Front and north side of Wooden Wing of Hays House,

Photographer and date are not known, but are probably around early 1900s.

Front of Hays House,
Photographed on July 4, 2023

Front of Hays House,
Photographed in August 2002

Back of Wooden and Stone Wings of Hays House,

Photographed in 1960 or before. Photographer is not known.

Back of House before 1960, with Second Building to Right
and Stone Wing partially visible behind tree.

Photographed in 1960 or before. Photographer is not known.

Back Yard,
Photographed July 4, 2023

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