The Historical Society of Harford County, Inc.
Online Biographical Memorial Repository

   John Heckart Buck
   Thomas Rollins Chambers, Jr.   
   John Thomas Chew Hopkins   
   Charles Hopkins Reed

Would you like to preserve a record of a loved one's life - his/her achievements, photograph, important events, contributions? The Historical Society of Harford County offers a perpetual repository for this information.

Too often, the only record of someone's life is a name and date on a grave marker. Yet, many Harford Countians have made significant contributions to the community and deserve more than a single day's notice in the obituary column. In reality, an individual's history consists of themselves and their friends and relatives. Yet, unless these people have been perceived as noteworthy, famous or infamous, they will probably never be found in history books, thus making it difficult to research the life histories of many of the individuals we want to know more about, especially our relatives and those who have lived and worked in our community. A perfect history should include everyone, not just the rich, famous, accomplished, or well known.

Join your friends and neighbors in documenting these personal achievements for future generations by participating in the Society's Memorial Repository program. You just need to submit a typed biography or provide the information verbally or in some form to one of our writers and complete the form noting the dates of birth, death, marriage, etc. A few photographs are optional. Send the completed form and biographical data to:

   The Historical Society of Harford County Inc.
   Online Memorial Repository Project
   143 N. Main Street
   Bel Air, Maryland 21014.

The name of the person being memorialized and the sponsor will also be permanently displayed on a plaque in the lobby of the Historical Society Headquarters on Main Street in Bel Air. In addition, a copy of this information will be preserved in our family history files and here online. A donation of at least $300 is requested (credit cards are accepted).

If you would like more information, call the Society's Headquarters at 410-838-7691